Susan’s Book

Freedom's FightMy latest book, Freedom’s Fight: A Call to Remember is out.  Available now at  Click on the link to be taken to

America’s values have given way to the Regime’s ideologies. The Regime has imposed its philosophy of “benefiting the collective at the expense of the individual” as what is needed in the new Aplitacon society so that everyone can be made “equal.” The Regime will stop at nothing to convince the once-free America that the “gain” to be achieved for the collective far outweighs the loss of individual freedom. Bethany’s memories of family and lessons from childhood will be all that she and those brave enough to fight will have to arm themselves with in order to reclaim the country they once knew before the Regime came into power. Only those who remember a better way of life and their God given freedoms will have a chance to answer the call of “Freedom’s Fight” before freedom is lost forever. May God bless America!


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